Post-PRIDE SHOCKWAVE 2006 Interviews
Shinya Aoki & Joachim Hansen

Pride Fighting Championships: Now your fight is over.
Aoki: I won, so it looks like I will have a good New Year.
Pride: How did you expect the fight to unfold?
Aoki: I didn't expect it to end so quickly. When I got the takedown, I had no intentions of letting him back up, though.
Pride: What do you call that submission?
Aoki: It's a foot-choke. [Note: Aoki's submission is also known as a "gogoplata"] We call it the "whoa" among my friends, so my corner told me to do the "whoa". (laughing)
Pride: How did your tights feel?
Aoki: The same as always but the cheers from the fans felt good.
Pride: Why were you crying when you left the ring?
Aoki: My dad never compliments me but he complimented me this time when I left the ring. I was so happy that I started crying.
Pride: Your father was ringside?
Aoki: He was beside the entrance ramp. He has always bought his own tickets before but this time, I was able to invite him for the first time.
Pride: What are your parents' names?
Aoki: My father is Tadashi and my mother is Misuzu.
Pride: How did you think the fight would turn out in terms of striking?
Aoki: Hansen pressured me a lot but I pressured him with grappling, and my pressure won.
Pride: The deadline for your SHOOTO title defense is February. Do you have a title defense lined up?
Aoki: I don't know yet. I can't say anything until next year.

Pride: How do you feel now that the fight is over?
Hansen: I feel horrible.
Pride: Did you expect the foot-choke?
Hansen: I know knew that technique so I anticipated it but I wasn't ready for his flexibility.
Pride: What was your game plan?
Hansen: I wanted to strike. I knew he would want to grapple but he got a good hold on my kicking leg when I threw the low kick, and he was able to take me down.
Pride: Have you ever been submitted by a foot-choke before?
Hansen: Never. I have put it on other people, so I knew about the technique itself, though.