Mauricio Rua & Evangelista Cyborg

Pride Fighting Championships: That was an amazing comeback win. How do you feel?
Mauricio Rua: I wasn't able to fight for a long time, so this was a good opportunity for me to train. I was able to fight well. It's still not enough, though. I want to be able to give great fights to everyone in Brazil and on my team.
Pride: Silva lost his fight just before you. Did that affect you in any way?
Rua: I was definitely nervous but Silva is the number one fighter in the world to us. Sometimes you lose in fights. He has a lot of experience and he will train more, so he will still be able to fight. I think that he is an extremely amazing fighter.
Pride: Diabate has very long arms and legs. What was it like fighting him?
Rua: I knew he was a tall fighter that knows Muay Thai, so I'm glad I was able to take the fight to the ground and attack.
Pride: You have another fight coming up in America very soon. What are your hopes for that?
Rua: I asked Fujimar to let me fight in America, actually. There won't be any problems. I will be fighting Randleman, a tough fighter, so I want to have a good fight.

Pride Fighting Championships: How do you feel now that you've scored your first PRIDE win?
Evangelista Santos: I received this chance because of everyone at PRIDE and I think the win was due to training, Shogun, Wanderlei, Ninja and my coaches, not just me.
Pride: You got married recently. This must be the best present you could have gotten.
Santos: It was a big present. This was a big present for my family, my wife and my team. I was only able to win because of my team.