Alistair Overeem

Pride Fighting Championships: Why did you give up?
Alistair Overeem: I hurt the heel and side of my right foot at the start of the fight. The doctor looked at it and told me that it's just a temporary nerve problem, and not serious, so I was lucky. I wasn't able to move at all in that position and I tapped out.
Pride: Were you injured from the first kick?
Overeem: It was from the kick I took right before I fell. I couldn't move my leg. It was paralyzed.
Pride: You were holding your eye at the end of the fight. Did you hurt your eye, too?
Overeem: That very nice fighter punched me after I tapped out and I want to get revenge next time.
Pride: Was there any effect from failing your first weigh-in yesterday?
Overeem: The reason for not passing the first time was a mistake in communication. I was 103kg in the last fight. I thought that the fight with Arona would be at 95kg but PRIDE said it was 93kg. It was a communication failure on both of our parts.
Pride: Was there some reason why you closed the distance between you as soon as the fight started?
Overeem: I wanted to take the fight to the ground after I had hurt Arona standing. The start of the fight went exactly as I planned but it didn't go according to my plan after I hurt my leg. Getting kicked and paralyzed like this is a rare care, so I would to have a rematch. Please support me. Next time, I will knock him out.