Lee Tae Hyun

Pride Fighting Championships: How did it feel to be in the PRIDE ring?
Lee Tae Hyun: The PRIDE ring is tough, as I expected. I learned a lot of things.
Pride: Your face is extremely swollen. Are you injured?
Lee: My face is swollen because this is the first time to ever be punched this much.
Pride: You said earlier that you learned in this fight. What exactly did you learn?
Lee: I trained in both striking and ground fighting but the actual fight in PRIDE and my training was different, which was a good experience for me.
Pride: You didn't seen to have enough strength or the ability to push the fight well at the beginning of the match. Do you think you think that you haven't prepared sufficiently?
Lee: I was confident in my strength. Training and the actual fight were very different so I want to work on that.
Pride: Since you believe that actually fighting is better than just training, regarding your loss today, do you want to have another fight right away or will you put some time between your fights?
Lee: The only thing I'm thinking of right now is training. My second fight hasn't been confirmed yet, so I want to use this time to train.
Pride: I'm sure you learned a lot in this fight. Where exactly to you want to focus your training?
Lee: The biggest problem was that I didn't understand the ending. I think I lacked the physical strength and motivation necessary, and that's what I want to improve.
Pride: This fight was declared a TKO when your corner threw in the towel. Was that what you wanted? Or was it your corner-man's decision?
Lee: It's what my corner-man wanted.
Pride: How many stitches did your right eye require?
Lee: I received several stitches but I haven't seen it, so I don't know how many.
Pride: What do you think is your future potential as a PRIDE fighter?
Lee: I wasn't able to be myself in this fight. I want to say that my face hurts. I have a lot of things to think about.