Yosuke Nishijima & Evangelista Cyborg

Yosuke Nishijima: I've had two MMA fights. It's tough with the kicks and the ground fighting. I want to win this next fight. I was really shocked when I lost the last fight against Yoshida. I realized that I just wasn't strong enough, though. I will do my best in this fight.
Actually, I have been practicing judo with a gi at a police training center since before the Yoshida fight. It was difficult and I struggled but I think I have improved. They focused more on submissions rather than throws, so I started from submissions. This time I also brought a trainer from the US to held me work on my boxing form, while I also training in judo. I learned boxing from that trainer when I was in the US.
My trainer trained me when I went to America in 1998. He was also my corner man several times. He's taught a lot of famous people, including Bas Rutten. I had him come out for about three weeks so I could get the boxing sense that I had back in 1998. I was in good condition in 1998 and I want to get as close to that as possible. I believe that I'm developing a balance between boxing and grappling. If I was a five before, I'm a seven or an eight now.
I've seen a video of Cyborg's fights. He's a strong attacker. He has strengths in his punches so I will try to avoid his punches while using my own in this fight. Chute Boxe fighters swing their punches wide, which is different than a boxer, so I won't know for sure until we fight. His boxing technique isn't that great but it's difficult to compare striking in martial arts to that of boxing. I will try to avoid his punches as much as possible. I think he will come out swinging in this fight, and I will be looking for a counter.
He will probably try to take me down, so practiced standing up after being taken down a lot. I will try to stand up as quickly as I can. I will do my best to stand up quickly, even if I'm taken down. I will do my best because I just want to get my first win.

Evangelista "Cyborg" Santos: I got a Mohawk because I wanted to change my image for this fight. Getting this haircut really made me want to fight and since I got married recently, I've become even stronger.
Chute Boxe has a space where fighters can live as they train and I lived there in the beginning, too. My wife joined Chute Boxe after I moved there. We began dating and that led to getting married. I think Chute Boxe is the greatest academy. They have given me both strength and a wife. It's a special place for both of us. [*Santos' wife is a Chute Boxe fighter]
I wasn't able to fight my own fight against Nakamura last time. I really wanted to fight in PRIDE and honestly, the scale of PRIDE and the way they treat the fighters surprised me. I was nervous about non-fight things like that and they may have affected the fight. I've experience PRIDE once before so I won't be nervous this time. I promise you that I will become an aggressive, violent Cyborg.
Wanderlei (Silva) and Shogun (Rua) will also fight on Sunday and I have trained hard just like they have. We are completely prepared. We practiced boxing, muay thai, jujitsu and wrestling, and we have physical trainers. I've heard that Nishijima is a boxer but I love fighting strikers. I hope he will trade strikes with me. If he does, he will definitely get knocked out. At any rate, my fight will be exciting!