Kazuhiro Nakamura & Yoshihiro Nakao

Kazuhiro Nakamura: The fight is almost here and I feel normal. I've been challenged a lot by my opponent but I just feel like he's wasting his time, running his mouth all the time. (laughing)
I looked upset? I don't know about that... I just don't care, really. Nakao was wearing a mask in his public training session. I guess he's trying really hard to become a professional. I don't hate fighters that put on that kind of performance but I don't particularly like it when they are doing it to me. I want to do it. (laughing) That's what everyone is focused on all the time so he's doing his best to play up to that, right? I think he's working hard.
I don't know if Nakao is at the level to fight in PRIDE. Honestly, he hasn't fought anyone strong and he hasn't fought anyone that I know. He's just a little bit above average in wrestling, right? It's possible that I might get taken down. Basically, I don't really want to be taken down and put on the bottom. I don't want him to touch me. (laughing) I don't really care how I knock him down, strikes or otherwise, as long as everyone is satisfied with the way it happens.
Daisuke Ishii [former PANCRASE fighter] trained me for this fight and we trained together. I don't know if I have learned anything knew because it was such a short time. Ishii is a really great coach because he has a lot of knowledge and has lived his life for martial arts.
I haven't trained very much for this fight. Honestly. I'm not looking past Nakao but I think this is good enough for him. If my normal training is a 10, then I've only trained at a 2 or a 1 this time. Most of my training was running. (laughing) I am motivated, though. If I weren't motivated, I wouldn't get in the PRIDE ring. I told Nakao to behave himself about a long of things but he doesn't seem to understand the words coming out of my mouth, so I don't think I have anything left to say to him. If you ask me if I can teach him with my body, I don't know. I don't really care whether it's a one-sided fight or not. I just want him to understand what PRIDE is about. A long fight would be fine, too.
Everyone has told me that this is a big match-up between Japanese fighters. I haven't really considered it, though. He tries to get called a homosexual and I think it's just stupid. If he hits on me during the referee check, I'll go home without fighting. I came to fight. He might be in for a repeat of his fight with Heath (Herring).
I will absolutely avoid his kisses, so everyone please watch the fight.

Yoshihiro "KISS" Nakao: I just ate, so I am stuffed. Of course, I trained hard, too. I trained as I always do. I'm prepared for everything and all situations. There's nothing left to do but wait for the fight.
I think it's good that there is attention being paid to my fight with Nakamura. It's good to have a fight that stands out as interesting among all the other fights, and I want to enjoy the fight. Nakamura and I have said a lot of things back and forth before this and I put on a performance during my public training session but that's all been at my pace. If there are 10 stages until the fight, I've already cleared three. (smiling)
I had a feeling that Nakamura and I would eventually fight since the first press conference that we were at together. I've felt that many times. Nakamura is the type of guy I like. He's cute, like a mole, right? It's like, we've finally met. (laughing) Is Nakamura my destiny? Unfortunately, no, my destiny is Kazuyuki Fujita. I might find another nice boy as I'm fighting in PRIDE, too... Having so many possibilities open to me, PRIDE definitely is the greatest!
I've been putting some thought into how the fans feel about my way of thinking and I want to leave an impact with my fighting style. I want them to be amazed that a Japanese fighter pulled it off. I'm a Heavyweight fighter but I move around quickly. I've already made some KISS T-shirts, so everyone look forward to my press conference on Saturday.
I'm going to give the greatest performance ever on Sunday. Please look forward to it.