Josh Barnett

Josh Barnett: I'm in my best condition ever. I've probably said that every time since the Grand Prix began but it's true. I can feel that I'm getting stronger with each fight and I'm always ready to fight in top form.
I trained with James Thompson because he said that he wanted to train with us. He trained with us for about two or three weeks. I trained with Eric Paulson for this fight, too. I didn't do any high-elevation training this time, though. It's just too difficult and my training partners wouldn't be able to keep up. (laughing) I haven't done any special training but my normal training is very hard and I think I have prepared sufficiently for the Grand Prix, something that will affect the rest of my life.
Nogueira said that all of my techniques are jujitsu but that's really strange. I've never practiced jujitsu. Not even once. Every fighter has their own style and even if those styles are different, there are still after the same goal. My base is entirely catch wrestling and that's my style.
I know that pro-wrestling and jujitsu are competitors in Japan and I guess there is a little destiny involved. Carl Gotch brought pro-wrestling to Japan. Pro-wrestlers fought judo players in the 90s in battles between pairing up different martial arts, creating the concept of pro-wrestling VS judo. Count Coma brought jujitsu to Brazil and jujitsu players fought against judo players. I feel there is more destiny in pro-wrestling VS judo or judo VS jujitsu rather than pro-wrestling VS jujitsu. (laughing)
Do I want to get revenge against Mirko in the Final Round? It doesn't matter to me who wins from the other block because whoever is able to win their way to the Final Round of the Open Weight Grand Prix is a fighter that I want to fight.
Many fans may not feel that pro-wrestling is strong but I will show them the true strength of pro-wrestling in this event. I will prove that pro-wrestlers are truly strong!
* Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira was unable to attend the pre-fight interviews.