Akihiro Gono & Kazuo Misaki

Pride Fighting Championships: Did this fight go as you expected?
Gono: Not as I expected but it went perfectly.
Pride: You spent a lot of time taking off your costume before the fight. Were you trying to irritate Mousasi?
Gono: Honestly, I just couldn't get it off.
Pride: What was your impression of Mousasi?
Gono: At 21, he doesn't have enough experience in grappling or stand-up. He will become very strong, though.
Pride: He threw a flurry of punches, though.
Gono: I was blocking and counter-punching. I was the one making him move. I wasn't being hit. I was forcing him to try to hit me.
Pride: The fight actually turned as you said it would earlier.
Gono: In terms of the results, it was good but I think it was good because I was able to create a good flow.
Pride: What will you do now?
Gono: It's been rough on me and Kazuo (Misaki) but now that our team has joined the top guys, I'm really happy.
Pride: You were moving backwards, trying to make him punch. How was your stamina?
Gono: We were both tired, so it wasn't a problem at all.
Pride: I think the fans will expect even more of your performance next time.
Gono: I'm out of ideas. Maybe I should have lost instead. (laughing)
Pride: There are three fighters remaining. Who would you like to fight?
Gono: Anyone is fine but really, there are only two choices. Let's decide it with rock, paper, scissors.
Pride: Any last words.
Gono: Can DSE do the closing ceremony without the four fighters? The program's bad.

Pride: You've beaten the defending Champion.
Misaki: I was really when I won.
Pride: This must have given you a lot of confidence towards winning the tournament.
Misaki: Once you're at this level, everyone is tough so I knew that the fight would be close. You just have to believe in yourself.
Pride: You've beaten a man called the Japanese killer.
Misaki: As a Japanese, I had to do my best.
Pride: You were throwing right upper cuts over and over. Have you been working on your upper cuts?
Misaki: They've been my favorite lately. I researched my weaknesses from the last fight and worked on them.
Pride: You seem to be limping.
Misaki: My leg started to hurt after the fight.
Pride: You looked like you could see everything Dan was going to do.
Misaki: It's important to carefully and calmly watch your opponent. I think I saw it all this time.
Pride: We didn't really see many flying knees. Was that because your opponent is a wrestler?
Misaki: That has nothing to do with it. I just did what I had to in order to win. I did (flying knees) in training but they weren't necessary in this fight.
Pride: You were just staring upward after the fight was over. What were you thinking about?
Misaki: I thought that I'm glad I believed in myself.
Pride: Who would you like to fight out of the remaining three fighters?
Misaki: No matter who I fight, I won't reach the top if I lose.
Pride: What do you think was the reason for your loss?
Mousasi: I'm not sure myself but I kind of felt like I would lose. I'm good at stand-up fighting but we were fighting on the ground.
Pride: Did you feel that way after you came to Japan or when you were training?
Mousasi: I felt like I was catching a cold when I was on the plane to Japan. That's no excuse, though.
Pride: How was that arm-bar at the end? Was it on tight?
Mousasi: I probably should have been able to escape but I couldn't.
Pride: You threw several flurries of punches. Did any of them connect?
Mousasi: I tried to shake him several times but I guess I should have spent more time on it. It didn't go well.
Pride: Although this was a big chance for you, do you have any plans to try again?
Mousasi: I don't know. I will leave it up to my manager.