Hayato Sakurai & Luciano Azevedo

Pride Fighting Championships: Everyone from the Team Ibaraki won. How do you feel now?
Sakurai: I'm happy that my students won, of course. I'm especially happy that (Kawajiri) won by KO. My knee kick had a good impact but it needed a little more (strength) behind it.
Pride: It was the knee kick after all.
Sakurai: Yes. He was aiming for a tackle, so...
Pride: You were using a lot of knee kicks on the ground, too. Were you confident in your knee kicks in this match?
Sakurai: I was confident in my knees.
Pride: What were you upset about?
Sakurai: I wanted to knock him out. The fight was stopped right when I wanted to finish it.
Pride: Azevedo said that he would have won if the fight had continued.
Sakurai: Well, it didn't continue, did it? He's young and I think he needs to study more. I hope he will devote himself in the future.
Pride: What is your future goal?
Sakurai: I just want to keep winning and become the Champion.

Pride: How many stitches did you get?
Azevedo: I don't know. I haven't seen it yet.
Pride: Did it hurt when you were cut?
Azevedo: I was concentrating on the fight at that time, so I didn't feel any pain.
Pride: As far as I could tell on the replay, it looked like your were cut with a knee kick. Did you see the knee?
Azevedo: It was too fast, so I couldn't see it.
Pride: Unfortunately, your fight ended mid-way. Did you feel that you could have fought more?
Azevedo: My conditioning was good and I was confident. I think if the fight had continued, I would have own.