Gilbert Melendez & Nobuhiro Obiya

Pride Fighting Championships: When did you hurt your hand?
Melendez: I received the offer three weeks before the fight so I was able to concentrate and train. I hurt my right hand with a punch in the 2nd round. It didn't hurt during the fight but it started to hurt after the fight was over.
Pride: Was it easy to fight at 73kg?
Melendez: It was easy to fight. I have to cut weight for a smaller opponent and I lose power. I will put on weight from now.
Pride: Why weren't you able to knock him out?
Melendez: I was trying to kill him. He was good.
Pride: Compared to the fighters you have fought before, what was different about Obiya?
Melendez: He a tough fighter and he's a lot like me. He's the scariest Japanese fighter I've ever fought.
Pride: What is your next goal? Gomi is the Lightweight Champion.
Melendez: If I'm going to be the best in mixed martial arts, I have to fight beat the top fighter and that's Gomi. That's not all, though. It's important that I knock him out.
Pride: What was your opinion of the matches before you yours?
Melendez: The triangle in Black and Aoki's match left an impression on me.

Pride: What did you think of your fight?
Obiya: I thought it would be a striking war but this was more than I expected. I punched as much as I could and it was a good debut fight, wasn't it? I did my best.
Pride: Melendez said that you are the toughest Japanese fighter he has ever fought.
Obiya: This was the toughest I've ever been.
Pride: What was tough?
Obiya: I haven't trained much for MMA but I did my best, so I have no regrets. Next time I will be fully prepared. I think I will be able to give a good fight.
Pride: How did it feel to fight for 15 minutes?
Obiya: No different than when I fight for 5 minutes. Ah, I wish I had won. Watch for me next time.