Ikuhisa Minowa & Eric Esch

Pride Fighting Championships: You had a new entrance song.
Minowa: I changed my theme and my costume. I'm still trying to become a pro wrestler.
Pride: Your tights were also black in your debut fight.
Minowa: I had my debut fight in mind. Pro-wrestlers wore black. Black has come back. "New Form"
Pride: Is there any chance that you will wear red in the future, not black?
Minowa: I don't know.
Pride: What was your strategic theme?
Minowa: The drop kick connected. I think that damaged him.
Pride: Your theme for this fight was "New Form." What has changed?
Minowa: I wanted to fight back. I have to take it to the limit. I'm searching for my own pro-wrestling and I'm aiming for my vision of being a perfect super human.
Pride: What do you think about people yelling your name at the venue?
Minowa: Sometimes I'm so focused that I can't hear it but I can hear it when I'm clam. I don't want to be conceited because of the cheers when I fight.
Pride: Please explain the "New Form" again.
Minowa: I want to bring out the parts of me that are new in form.

Pride: How did you feel about the drop kick that you took?
Butterbean: I was surprised at first. I want to work on my ground techniques from now.
Pride: What kind of attack were you thinking of when you were on top in the beginning?
Butterbean: I couldn't think of anything during the fight. I wanted to get up and fight back but at the moment, Minowa is better on the ground.
Pride: Will you continue to fight in PRIDE?
Butterbean: MMA is more exciting than boxing. I want to keep fighting in PRIDE.
Pride: Who do you want to fight next?
Butterbean: I'm good at stand-up fighting, so any stand-up fighter would be fine.
Pride: Would you like to fight Mike Tyson?
Butterbean: Of course, if he is going to fight in mixed martial arts. Everyone thought that if we stand-up, the weight difference would be a problem but weigh differences really don't matter. I was submitted with an arm-bar, after all. I want to improve my ground skills and then try again.