Denis Kang & Amar Suloev

Pride Fighting Championships: How did it feel fighting Suloev?
Kang: I respect him so I was nervous before the fight. His last fight was good, so I really concentrated on my training.
Pride: Your right straight went in very well. Could you feel that you landed it?
Kang: I could feel it, too. It went in well right after the kick.
Pride: You had him in a rear naked choke with one hand at the end.
Kang: I don't usually do that but he was blocking the (normal) choke so I choked him with one hand.

Pride: Honestly, how do you feel about the fight?
Suloev: I lost, so I feel horrible.
Pride: What was the cause for your loss? What was your game plan?
Suloev: I trained at an intensive camp but at the moment, I don't know. I should have fought more actively. There were things that I should have done in the fight but I couldn't use any of them.
Pride: Who did you train with at the camp?
Suloev: Everyone from the Red Devil Team. We trained as a big group.
Pride: Was Fedor there?
Suloev: Yes, he was.