Daisuke Nakamura & Seichi Ikemoto

Pride Fighting Championships: Congratulations on your first BUSHIDO win. How do you feel?
Nakamura: I'm happy that I was able to get a submission in such a big event.
Pride: What was your impression of Ikemoto?
Nakamura: I watched his fights before and I studied him. I like his style of fighter, so I'm glad I won.
Pride: During the fight, did you get the feeling that you would be able to submit him?
Nakamura: His arm was extended on that last arm-bar so I tried for it again.
Pride: What are you future plans and goals?
Nakamura: My goal is to fight in the main BUSHIDO. I want to fight foreign fighters and prove the skills that I learned at U-file Camp.

Pride: What do you think was the reason for your loss?
Ikemoto: I was paying too much attention to his techniques and reacted too late.
Pride: What was your game plan?
Ikemoto: My game plan was flying knee kicks. When we were on the ground, I expected a submissions battle and I was aiming for a sleeper.
Pride: How were Nakamura's attacks?
Ikemoto: He was trying for an arm-bar from the arm-lock. He was really persistent and very strong in that pattern.
Pride: You've said before that you want to fight him. Now that you've fought him, was he as good as you expected?
Ikemoto: He's the kind of fighter I would like to fight over and over. I would like to fight him again.
Pride: What are your plans for fighting in the main BUSHIDO?
Ikemoto: I've lost two fights in a row, so I don't think it will happen until I build up my record. I'll try again in Osaka, next time.