Hatsu Hioki & Jeff Curran

Pride Fighting Championships: Congratulations on your first win. How did those 10 minutes feel?
Hioki: Thank you very much. Those 10 minutes felt really long.
Pride: Your right eye is swollen. Are you injured?
Hioki: I was injured when I took a knee on the ground. Everything's still working properly, though.
Pride: You landed a right low-kick early in the fight.
Hioki: His front knee was bent, so I knew the low kick would connect.
Pride: You also took some front kicks. Did you think you were in trouble when he kicked you?
Hioki: I wanted to close the distance between us.
Pride: You would stand up, even when you got a take down. Did you want to fight standing up?
Hioki: Once we went to the ground, I didn't feel any pressure from him there. I tried to pass his guard and go for chokes from the bottom. He was good, though, so I changed the flow (of the fight).
Pride: Was it difficult to fight with rules that allow stomps?
Hioki: His defense was better than I expected and he was able to avoid the stomps.
Pride: Curran was working for tackles. What did you think of his attacks?
Hioki: I saw everything coming, the tackles and his attacks.
Pride: This was your first PRIDE and in your hometown, no less. Were you nervous?
Hioki: I wasn't too stiff. I wanted to fight more.
Pride: He almost got your leg when you were stomping.
Hioki: I knew that he could only go under me or go for a leg-lock, so I didn't go far enough that he could submit me. I was able to deal with it.
Pride: Now that you've won, what is your next goal?
Hioki: I want to fight in SHOOTO, of course.

Pride: How do you feel about your loss?
Curran: Normally, I perform fine at events with this kind of pressure but Hioki was really aggressive. I needed to counter attack more.
Pride: There was a lot of standup action in your fight. Did you consider taking the fight to the ground?
Curran: I didn't have a specific game plan. I actually took too many kicks. I should have dealt with that earlier.
Pride: How is your knee? Was there any damage to your thighs from those low kicks?
Curran: The pain's not too much but my movement slowed down. I lost motivation and I was tired from the 1st round. I don't know why but that was the cause.