Dan Henderson

Pride Fighting Championships: How do you feel now that the tournament is over for you?
Henderson: I'm not satisfied. I could use everything I have. My movements were slow.
Pride: Do you have any idea what the reason for that is?
Henderson: I don't know. I couldn't move like I normally do. I was just standing there. I should have dominated the fight but I let my opponent do it.
Pride: Did the length of time between your fights have anything to do with it?
Henderson: I don't think so. I've had time off before. I don't have any excuse.
Pride: What do you think about the decision?
Henderson: The decision was unfortunate but Misaki fought a good fight.
Pride: Was Misaki any different from when you fought him before?
Henderson: There were some very small changes but not that much. He showed his usual strength and I wasn't able to show mine.
Pride: This is your first loss since you became the Champion. Would you like to fight Misaki again in a title defense?
Henderson: I will fight anyone. If I can get myself back, I wouldn't mind putting my Welterweight Belt and the opponent's (Grand Prix Championship) belt on the line on New Year's Eve.
Pride: Who do you think will become the Champion out of the remaining four fighters?
Henderson: Unfortunately, I haven't seen any of the other fights yet so I don't know.