Shinya Aoki & Jason Black

Pride Fighting Championships: How did your first fight in PRIDE feel?
Aoki: It was fun. I like SHOOTO too, and I'm glad I could fight in the world's greatest event.
Pride: Was your game plan for this fight to submit him?
Aoki: Yes. I was thinking about strikes too, but the joint-lock went right in.
Pride: Black was trying to escape from the triangle choke you had on at the end.
Aoki: He wasn't going to get out of that. I tried to go for something that no one has seen before but he escaped from that so I went with the triangle.
Pride: It seems like it was an easy fight for you.
Aoki: I didn't take any damage so I can still fight.
Pride: How would you rate this fight?
Aoki: I did my best but I haven't shown everything I have.
Pride: What have you set as your future goals?
Aoki: To become stronger and aim for the PRIDE Championship.
Pride: What was the reason for your new costume?
Aoki: So I wouldn't slip. You can slip on sweat and it will absorb my opponent's sweat.
Pride: What do you want to do the most now? I'm sure you've had to exercise a lot of self-control before this fight.
Aoki: I've been supported by many people, so I want to say thank to all of them.

Pride: Please tell me you thoughts on Aoki.
Black: I think he's a strong submission fighter.
Pride: Why do you think he was able to submit you there in the end?
Black: That was the best submission I've had had put on me.
Pride: Did it feel like there was no way you could escape at the end?
Black: Yes.
Pride: Was your game plan to fight on the ground in this fight?
Black: In my game plan, I wanted to fight standing. I think it didn't go as I planned because the fight went to the ground.