Kazuo Misaki & Dan Henderson

Kazuo Misaki: Now, I just feel like waiting quietly for the time to come. I cleaned my room because I want to be ready in case I can't return home to my home alive. Even so, I like to keep my room clean so it wasn't very dirty, anyway. (laughing)
Of course I want to win my rematch with Henderson. I want to win the tournament but I don't really care if I win or lose, as long as I can show my true self in this fight. I'm not the one that decides who wins and who loses. Only God can do that. I just have to give 100% of what I'm capable of. I won't have any regrets if I lost as long as I'm satisfied with how I fought, and if I win, that will just give me more confidence.
When I went to the US to train with Ricardo Almeida, we worked on jujitsu more than mixed martial arts. There are Champions and large fighters in his dojo. Even the fighters that weren't professionals were strong, and the training there was very useful. I also did some training with a gi. He taught me techniques that I didn't know before and it reminded me of when I first started. The feelings from when I started judo and martial arts came back to me. That feeling that the opponent in front of me is coming after me, and I have to take him out. I hope that I will be able to mix the techniques he taught me and use my own judgment well to bring out the best in myself. I want to bring out that feel from when I began (martial arts).
Henderson said that I couldn't get stronger in just a few months? I think so, too. (laughing) That's true for him too, though. The difference is that I am clearly trying to grow more than he is. When I started, (Henderson) was my goal. That's what got me here and I think in terms of age, mentality and the quality of my experience, I have more breadth than he does. In the previous match, he was simply stronger than me but you don't know that until you fight. Even though very little time has passed since that match, you never know whether someone has grown a lot or a little. You never know until you fight.
I think it's enough for me to just give 100% of myself in this fight. I don't that I want to win no matter what. If I give 100% of myself and lose, that will just mean that I wasn't strong enough. I will just do what I need to do. Before I used to comment that I wanted to win, no matter what, but my way of thinking has changed since the last fight because everybody wants to win.
The fight on Saturday will be extremely hot so fans, I need you to support me with all your strength.

Dan Henderson: The reason I'm more tanned isn't because I did anything special. I just became this way naturally from being at my house in California. It's always been easy for me to tan and I'm not trying to compete with Misaki's tan. He's always tanned. (laughing)
I felt that, overall, there were a lot of tough fighters when I watched the Opening Round. When you've got that many tough fighters, it's a good opportunity test your skills. People say Paulo Filho and Denis Kang are candidates to win (the tournament) but you never know what will happen in a fight, so you never know who will advance. As the Champion, I'm ready to take them on and I'm not afraid of anything. I'm just concentrated in the fight with Misaki right now. I concentrated on improving my conditioning for this fight, not on working on specific techniques.
When Misaki fought Baroni, there had only been 2 months since he fought me and I couldn't see any specific things that he had improved. All fighters get better with experience, though. No matter what, Misaki is a very tough fighter and you can't underestimate him.
I still want to stand at the top, though. I won't give that position up to anyone. I received the offer for this rematch from PRIDE and I will crush whomever they put in front of me. Am I confident that I can win the Welterweight Grand Prix again? If I weren't confident that I would win, I wouldn't be here.