Ryo Chonan & Paulo Filho

Ryo Chonan: I'm not thinking of anything now. I've lost my last two fights, so I was a little nervous but I'm calm now, as usual.
Filho is very strong. Takedowns. Jujitsu groundwork. That's what he's going to try to win with but I don't think he's going to win. Not that I'm necessarily going to stop him but looking at the real top guys like Dan and Kang, they are strong at everything, including takedowns, ground fighting and stand-up fighting. Filho doesn't fight on his feet and I wonder about that. I will go after that weakness, too. I'm happy that I get to fight Filho, though.
I don't want to make excuses but to be honest, my conditioning is horrible. It was bad when I fought Suda in DEEP too, though, so maybe I'm better when my conditioning is bad. Some things are good, though. I don't have anything to lose, so I will just attack. The fans will enjoy that.
I don't hate summer but I'd rather be playing around, because summer will be over when this fight is finished. (laughing) The apartment that I used to live in didn't have an air conditioner. I only had a fan, so I was well adjusted to summer then. My neighbors were also really loud and I hated being in my room, so I always went to train. I still like to train though, even now.
I don't know how far I can go now but if the fans have a good time, that's fine with me. If I run out of stamina mid-way through the fight, just laugh and say that I haven't been training.

Paulo Filho: My conditioning is extremely good. My training went very well. I was sick during the Opening Round and wasn't able to train very much but now I'm fine.
Chonan is a very tough fighter. And he's a dangerous opponent. I respect him but I will give a good fight and beat him. I can't explain exactly what about him is dangerous but he never gives up. Even when it looks like he will lose, he can turn it around with that never give up attitude and win. That's dangerous. When my teammate fought him, I was surprised by Chonan's fighting style. I have to be careful not have this fight turned around on me.
At the press conference following the Opening Round, I said that I would like to fight a Japanese fighter next and I'm happy that my request has been granted in this fight. There are a lot of strong Japanese fighters now, even outside of this tournament, I knew I wanted to fight them. I'm glad that it will happen now. Japanese fighters are tough and they have finishing power. I think they are all dangerous opponents.
I didn't train with Rickson this time. He was also busy so we didn't have time. I did talk with him, though. I trained and sparred with my teammates a lot this time, as I always do. We do striking and grappling at the gym. I don't know how the fight will unfold but I can deal with either one. Of course, I'm a jujitsu fighter so I will be after a submission but I would like to end the fight with a good KO, too.
I'm interested in the Kang VS Suloev and Misaki VS Henderson fights, too. It's not a Grand Prix fight but I'm also interested in Mach VS Azevedo. I've known about Azevedo for a long time. His techniques and his heart are strong. I was very happy when I heard he was coming to BUSHIDO. I'm certain that Azevedo can give a good fight.
I was also very happy when I heard that Mike Tyson, who I respect, has become part of the PRIDE family. I know he will do a good job at PRIDE. If I would agree to fight him any time, if it's possible, but I'd rather be his friend than his opponent. (laughing)