Nobuhiro Obiya & Gilbert Melendez

Nobuhiro Obiya: There's nothing left but to fight now. I'm looking forward to it. I'm not tired from training anymore. I worked at a special (collegiate wrestling) training camp for a week so it took me a little time to feel energetic again but I was able to relax and that was good.
Did the training camp benefit me? Yes, it did. I have never trained that much before. Takanori Gomi was also training there and we were able to have fun as we prepared for out fights. I ran more at a ski resort than you can believe, so my stamina and my lower body strength have definitely improved. It was at a fairly high elevation too. You really would not believe how much we ran in that thin air. My physical abilities and my balance have improved.
I trained in a different environment for this fight. Gomi has built his own gym. I was away from the team and able to think for myself, so I decided to take my training in a good direction. That made me more confident than anything else.
I spoke with Gomi and he told me not to be boring because this is BUSHIDO. It's PRIDE. Of course, I never intended to be boring. I always fight with all my strength. I will go crazy. I want everyone to say that our fights were the most dangerous.
Gilbert Melendez is also young and aggressive. I'm pissed off. In his interview, he said that he wants to fight Gomi. I want to show him that he's got about another 100 years of hard training before he'll be ready for that.
I'm just trying to control my rage now, just trying to relax. I flip that switch just before the fight. I zone out before the fight and spend that time relaxing and concentrating. I know that everybody has been going to festivals but I want to give such a good fight that at the end of the summer, they will say that BUSHIDO was the best festival of them all. I want to give a real man's fight.

Gilbert Melendez: I've trained so hard to get here, to realize my dream of fighting in PRIDE. I'm happy that my dream has come true. The best fighters in the world come together to fight in PRIDE. The level of competition and entertainment are incredible.
I trained a lot for this fight. I'm in good shape and my conditioning is good. I fought at 65kg before but I didn't feel very well. Now that I'm 73kg, I feel healthy and stronger.
I respect Obiya and I've seen several of his fight sin DEEP. He's very strong and I think it's an honor to fight him. He has a quick, dangerous left hook that I have to be careful of in particular. I will keep fighting until I beat him. I want to finish him as soon as possible.
I've trained in a lot of things like grappling and wrestling and I want to show those skills in this fight. I'll give you a hint. I want to use my wrestling background when I fight. I'm tougher now, my jujitsu skills have improved and I'm getting stronger overall. To put it simply, I am an all-round fighter.
I can feel that my striking skills have improved since the first time I fought in Japan because I train all the time. (laughing) I know that I have become stronger since my last fight in Japan, so I want everyone to look forward to that. I have a very calm personality but in the ring, I will beat anyone, no matter who they are.
Do I want to challenge Gomi, the Champion? I want to get more experience in PRIDE right now. Eventually I will become Champion, though. Gomi doesn't know fear and he's the kind of fighter that's out to kill his opponent. He's very strong. I'm the same way, though, because I always want to win by KO, not a decision.