Shinya Aoki

Shinya Aoki: I feel the same as always. I don't feel anything special because it's PRIDE. I don't feel anything special when I have a fight. I will give the best performance that I can in the fight.
My image of Jason Black? Well, he's white. (laughing) That's about all I know. He's probably pretty good at grappling but I think I'm stronger. I think Black's desire to finish with submissions is good and I'd like to follow that philosophy, too. (laughing) He's like me in that we're big for this weight class. My weight loss is going well. I was a little small to fight in SHOOTO at 76kg, though. I didn't think that I would lose weight this well. I didn't realize this until I lost the weight but I think this is my best weight.
I think that my grappling is the best, and I will do my best to help everyone recognize that. It's not my game plan but I have an image in my mind of how I will win. Now matter how the fight develops, my body will respond to whatever happens. Every time that I fight, I always intend to win by submission and this fight is no different. There are good grapplers in PRIDE, like Nogueira and Fabricio. I'm not the 2nd Nogueira, though. I'm the 2nd Masakazu Imanari. (laughing) Incidentally, Imanari gave me some advice. He said that I have to be careful because of how long PRIDE matches are. There are single-round, 10-minute grappling matches but I think having more time may be better for grappling.
How many submissions can I do? I'll just say 2,000. (laughing) I know all of these moves in the book. I don't want to sound vain and say that I know thousands of moves but I guess I know as many submissions as there are stars in the sky. (laughing)
I want the fans that are watching me for the first time to pay attention to my... face. (laughing) That's a joke. Seriously, the accuracy of my groundwork and submissions. Some people say that submissions are boring but I like to show crazy, colorful submissions. Of course, if I get a chance, I will try for some flying submissions.
It took a lot of support and help from many people to come this far, so I want to give a good, clean fight. Once I pass the weigh in, I'm going to eat well and be in good condition for the fight.
*Jason Black was unable to attend the pre-fight interviews.