Hayato Sakurai & Luciano Azevedo

Hayato "Mach" Sakurai: My condition in summer gets worse and worse each year. Summer is hard on me. Today's my birthday but I'm getting tired of summer. I'm jinxed. I lose whenever I fight in summer. I want to break that jinx this time.
I still have to lose another 2kg but in this heat, I have to drink a lot of water and that means I have to lose 4 or 5 kg. I was lucky last year because I was in Seattle and I didn't have to go through a hot summer. Next year, I'm not going to fight in summer. This will be the end of summer fighting for me. I will never fight in summer again! I'm retiring from summer fights. I want to use all of my abilities in this fight. My opponent grew up in a hot Brazil so he's fine but I prefer cold places. You have to go to the beach in summer and cool your body down. I know that when I'm old, I'm going to die in summer. That's hot much I hate summer!
The only video of my opponent that I have seen was his fight against Din Thomas. I don't really know what kind of fighter he is. He's probably seen a lot of my fights, though. It's hot and this will probably be a tough fight. Will I knock him out with a single punch? Did I say that? I don't think it's going to happen that easily.
I'll be upset if I lose this time. I may fight in summer again. If I win, I won't fight in summer any more. In that sense, I'm on fire because I fought a lot of strong people to get here. This time, I will win naturally! I will beat summer! That's all. I always fight before my birthday, and lose, and have to spend my birthday in the worst way possible. I'm tired of it. I will overcome this summer! I am really angry at summer!

Luciano Azevedo: I'm looking forward to fighting in PRIDE. PRIDE is the biggest mixed martial arts event in the world, so I am really happy. I have trained hard for PRIDE and winning is very important but I want to give a good fight, regardless of whether I win or lose. Fighting in PRIDE is a great opportunity for me. I want to give a good fight this time and be able to continue fighting in PRIDE.
I started lucha libre when I was 12 and I after thinking about some financial things, I began mixed martial arts five years ago. I didn't have any experience when I made my pro debut and I lost two fights in a row. After those fights, I won nine consecutive fights with no losses. The reason I was able to overcome my losses was experience. My training methods changed as I gained more experience and that was a good thing for me.
I would like to beat Mach and get my 10th win. I've got a lot of techniques that I'm good at but my favorite ones are chokes, guillotine, arm-locks and leg-locks. This is my first fight here, though, so I want the fans to watch my big heart, not my techniques. Winning is important but it's also important not to give up.
Mach is really a great fighter and he has a lot of experience. I think he's one of the best fighters in Japan. I've seen many of his fights in the past but I never thought that I would end up fighting him. You never know what's going to happen in a fight. It's not something you can predict, so while I'm thinking about the overall fight, I will also be careful of all of Mach's skills as I fight. And I want to win with either striking or submissions. I want to have a fight on Saturday that will shock everyone around me.
To the fans, I intend to win in this fight and I will give a good fight. I will do my best when I fight and hopefully, God will bless me.