Tatsuya Kawajiri & Chris Brennan

Tatsuya Kawajiri: I always get a haircut before my fights. Cutting my hair gets me in the mood to fight. I want to fight soon. I've done everything I can, so I think this fight will be exciting. I've got more confidence than every before and I'm looking forward to this fight. I'm looking forward to seeing a stronger me.
I've never been good with summers and it was hard to push myself. This time, though, I was able to train well and for the first time since I became a professional, I've been pushed by my trainer and trained well (in the summer). I'm confident and I can feel the results of the striking and sparring that I've done over the past year.
My impression of Brennan? He's macho. (laughing) This is Japanese macho versus American macho. He's apparently one of the best American grapplers but I'm one of the best mixed martial artists in Japan and I don't intend on losing to a grappler in a MMA fight. Of course, I know that Brennan has the skills and the strength to get a submission, so I will be careful. None of that matters if we don't go to the ground, though. Basically, if I fight as usual, there's no problem.
I've definitely improved my stand-up striking but I've prepared myself so that I can fight all-round and win in any situation. I will show everyone that if you are a mixed martial arts Champion that can grapple, fighting a grappler in mixed martial arts is no problem. Brennan is good at sudden submissions and it's possible that it could end in a second but I will keep that in mind during the fight.
My last fight in Nagoya was horrible. I was sick, so I couldn't train. There are probably a lot of fans in Nagoya that think that was what I'm like, but I can't have that. This time, I will show the Nagoya fans the true me.
I will relax in the time remaining. (laughing). I'm going to relax, put everything else out of my mind and focus on what I want to do and eat after I win. This is the best I have ever felt, though, but I said I felt good when I fought Joachim and that didn't turn out well. [Joachim Hansen lost to Kawajiri by disqualification at 8 seconds into the first round of a February SHOOTO match when he kicked Kawajiri in the groin] So, that's a little scary.

Chris Brennan: This will be the first time for me to fight in PRIDE in a long time, so I'm very happy. A poisonous spider bit my right leg on August 5th, though. My leg was really swollen and I had to stay in the hospital. I continued antibiotic treatment for several days and I even though about pulling out of this fight. I still had two weeks to prepare and I was basically healed already. I moved to Texas recently so I don't have a great training environment yet but I am able to train with some good fighters and I have trained hard for this fight. Kawajiri is a tough fighter, so I am looking forward to our match.
Kawajiri is on of the top fighters in the world. His wrestling is strong and he's good at ground and pound. He has an amazing record and no matter how the results turn out, this will be a tough fight. Kawajiri is the type of fighter that keeps coming forward attacking and I think we will tie up in this fight. I don't have anything to lose. I can fight with everything but I think Kawajiri has to feel a little pressure when he fights.
I have to watch out for Kawajiri's wrestling the most. Fighters that are good at good at wrestling can keep the fight standing and they can take it to the ground. So when you fight with strong wrestlers, they often take the lead in the fight. My winning pattern is finding an opportunity while we are striking, taking my opponent down and using my ground game. That's the game plan I want to use. Even if Kawajiri takes me down, I can take his back and sweep, but it's probably not a good idea for me to spend too much time on the ground in the bottom position.
However, I'm confident in my submissions and I'm confident that I can submit Kawajiri. I fought at more than 80kg in my previous PRIDE fights but this time I will be able to fight at my best weight. I don't think I will lose in terms of strength and I'm confident I will have the chance to show my abilities.
Last time, I was held down by Takase and couldn't move. That was the most frustrating, unsatisfying match in my career. I can move for the entire 15 minutes, always looking for a submission. If it's going to go to a decision, I'd rather trade strikes and lose by KO.