Mitsuhiro Ishida & Cristiano Marcello

Mitsuhiro Ishida: I've never thought about whether I fight better or worse in summer. Last year, I fought in August. They have air conditioning at the venue, so I don't think it will bother me. I know that I have to be careful about managing my health, though. I'm worried about Mach but I'm fine. (laughing)
There are only two days until the fight but I still haven't met my opponent and it doesn't feel like I'm about to fight. I'm just relaxed, like always.
I've seen Cristiano Marcello's fights on video but that was a fight from four years ago. I haven't seen any of his recent fights so I can't comment on that. My impression of him is that he is an aggressive attacker. His attacks from the bottom and at his rush at the beginning of the fight are tremendous and I will have to be careful not to get caught up in that. I know that his grappling and his heart are strong I'm ready for a battle of wills.
Marcello lost by decision but he destroyed Shaolin's arm? If that was a recent fight, that's amazing but it doesn't help me if it was a long time ago. If he can do that to Shaolin now, I think Marcello must be a pretty tough guy. I'm not worried about old stories, though. They don't help me.
It feels like the fighters in Chute Boxe all fight together. It's one on one in the ring but it feels like you're fighting against all four of them. I knew that once I came to BUSHIDO, I would eventually have to fight someone from Chute Boxe eventually but I didn't expect it to be in my 3rd fight. (laughing) This will be a good experience for me. I think it will be a positive thing.
I don't have any special strategies for this match. I will just fight as normal, I guess. Last time, I was using my head but this time, I will go with my instinct right from the start. Regardless of whether the fight turns out like the last one, I just want to have an exciting fight that only Marcello and I are capable of creating. My theme is the same as always; this is an important fight. There haven't been any changes since I beat Aurelio, really, but it was a good experience.
This will be my first fight in Nagoya. I think people that like martial arts will be paying attention to this fight and I want to live up to their expectations.

Cristiano Marcello: This is the best timing for me to fight in PRIDE in many ways. I'm a coach at Chute Boxe, I've gotten married and my private life has become stable. I can show everything that I have and I want the fans to see that I'm not the kind of fighter that works for points. I'm always looking for a submission or a KO.
Honestly, when I joined Chute Boxe, the Academy's grappling level wasn't very high. So Fujimar told me that he wanted me to devote myself to being a coach, not a fighter. As the coach, I began to think that I want to do my best for the Academy and I wore a gi in training and began serious jujitsu training. I think the Academy's grappling level has greatly improved since we began jujitsu training and there are now seven black belts in the Academy, including Wanderlei. Of course, I will continue to be a coach at the Academy but I thought that this is a good time for me to compete as a fighter and so I decided to compete in a mixed martial arts fight, again.
My base is Gracie jujitsu. I learned jujitsu in Rio and that is an environment that you cannot grow in if you don't become strong. My jujitsu improved to a high level because of that environment. I was also training in muay thai when I was at the Gracie Academy. After I moved to Chute Boxe, I think I became a more complete fighter. Street fighting? Basically, I'm against street fighting. However, I'm just against starting street fights. If anyone starts a fight with me, they'll get one. If it's for the honor of my family or my Academy, I will definitely hit back!
I lived in Rickson's house for two years learning jujitsu. Rickson is like a father to me. I learned martial arts from Rickson, of course, but I also learned about honor and his life style. [Showing the tattoo on his back] I was really good friends with Rickson's son, Rockson. He was my best friend and like my brother. Unfortunately, he passed on but I always wanted to Rockson to be with me, so I had his name tattooed on my back.
I've never seen Ishida fight. I know that he beat someone strong but that doesn't bother me. I plan on fighting so hard that I might kill Ishida. I just want to have a good fight. Ishida says that I can't stop his tackle? So what? If Ishida and I go to the ground, Ishida will get hurt. I hate stalling, so I want Ishida to fight me aggressively like he did with Marcus Aurelio.