Takanori Gomi & David Baron

Takanori Gomi: I've very excited about this fight. Last time I felt like I "had" to fight but this time, I don't. The Welterweight tournament is under way and there will be Lightweight fighters than were exciting in the 1st half o the year. It feels like everything is finally getting started.
For some reason, I'm the main event this time. (laughing) I just found that out today. Fans don't want to see someone win by decision in the main event. I want a clear result, even if it means that I lose by KO or submission. Everyone, including myself, wants to see a KO or a submission. So, I feel relaxed. This is the perfect opportunity and location for me to bring out everything I have been working on. This event will be during summer vacation so there will probably be a lot of fans there, right? It feels good. I'm just going to attack and attack, without worrying about the results. That's my plan this time.
I want to show the Nagoya's fans something worth watching live. I'm going to show them something incredible. My theme for this event is "explosion." And if the event ends with everyone excited, that's great, isn't it?
The last time I exploded in my fight was on New Year's Eve. This feels like my first fight in 8 months (where I'm ready to explode). Even I don't know how it's going to turn out. I'm a little nervous too, but I've been working hard in the gym every day, so I'm think it will be fine. I built my own gym. It's going to be fine because I'm a man that earned enough money using his fists to build his own gym. So, I think I've earned the right to explode in the ring in any way I like. I want to have several more fights in the future and I don't want to have any regrets when I'm done. It's not all about winning and losing.
I want to get in the ring as soon as possible. For the first time in a long time, I'm nervous. Because that's the case, I think I've built myself up in a way that I don't have to have to focus only on the win and the fans will be wondering what kind of fight I will give when they watch. It's not like last year when I absolutely had to win. This time, when the fans watch, they will wonder how am I going to go crazy? How am I going to explode? I don't think they want to see a cautious decision. I'm going to fight relaxed. There are only a few fights each year, so I want to have some fun.
After I came back from my intensive wrestling training, I worked out at my gym for a week. I haven't seen any special results from the intensive training but I think it will show a little in the ring.
David Baron is a steady fighter. My image of him is that he trains a lot. He's good at attacking from the bottom and holding his opponent down. His rapid punches are good, too. To overwhelmingly win in this ring, you've got to be so strong that you can show who is better in an instant. That's how good all of these fighters are and there are some fighters that become top fighters when the climb into the PRIDE ring. I have to attack on my own to make sure I don't become a stepping-stone for that kind of fighter. This time, I will be on the attack.
Our fight will be the main event, the end of the event, so I'm ready for anything, win or lose, as long as it's exciting. I want the fans to get excited, too. I want them to be on fire from my entrance. I know that everyone has went to festivals and fireworks displays this summer but school will start again in September, so I want everyone to think of this event as the last chance to make summer memories.
My Rascal Gym opened recently and I feel a sense of destiny in that. My students will see me and they will continue training. The timing is good. This time, the timing of a lot of things has been good. I think this is something that my students are interested in and although it's only been one month, they will be able to see a part of this world. They will think that one day, that will be them fighting there, and I want to help them achieve that as soon as possible. I want to give them a fight that shows the Rascal Gym has been born.
Shindachi Suzuki from Mushinjuku will be in the corner. All I need is him and the students from my gym. They take care of everything around me. There's no benefit in packing the corner with three top fighters. Everyone will have different opinions and that will just hurt me. It's better to have them support me, rather than trying to give me advice.
I'll be blonde in this fight. The color has lightened, though.

David Baron: I'm extremely happy that I can fight in PRIDE. I started judo when I was nine, trained in French kickboxing and kenpo, and now it feels like, wow, I'm finally here. In judo, I started out winning a regional army tournament and eventually became the national army champion. The reason that I was in an army tournament is that I was originally a fire fighter and in France, fire fighters are part of the army.
I wasn't able to become an Olympic athlete, unfortunately, but when I entered a world judo tournament in the 73kg with a bunch of firefighters, I lost to a Japanese and finished second. I changed from judo to mixed martial arts because I wanted to become more of a complete fighter.
I use French kickboxing techniques even in mixed martial arts. French kickboxing is basically like muay thai. Where as they use mainly use the shin to kick in muay thai, the entire leg is used in French kickboxing.
I've seen a lot of Gomi's fights on video. His punches, his wrestling and his grappling are strong. I don't think it will be an easy fight. In grappling, though, I'm certain that I'm better. Finally, I'm amble to compete in an event that I want to compete in. I will do my best and give an exciting fight. Gomi is called the "fireball boy" and the fireman is here to him out. (laughing)