Amar Suloev

Pride Fighting Championships: What was your strategy today?
Suloev: Yes, it went just as I planned. I knew his attacks are strong, so I tried to prevent him from taking the fight to the ground. I decided on a game plan where I use my hands. I may have looked like I was weaker (than him) but it was exactly as I planned.
Pride: You've taken out one of the likely tournament winners. What are your aspirations now?
Suloev: First, I'm very happy that I was able to fight Murilo Bustamante and that I was able to beat such a great fighter. I've been watching him since (he was in) the UFC. I want to train even more. I didn't really have enough time for this fight so I wasn't able to train. I want to train more and give an even better fight.
Pride: How did it feel when you knocked him down with your right punch?
Suloev: I did think it was over when I knocked him down with the right punch. I didn't want to take any risk, as I planned, by taking the fight to the ground, so I never considered going to the ground.
Pride: Please tell us if there is anyone that you would like to fight in the Second Round.
Suloev: Since all of the fighters advancing to the next fight are probably stronger fighters, I want to fight a stronger fighter in the next match. It will be a good match, no matter who I fight.
Pride: You seemed calmer than I expected. How did it feel to beat last year's runner-up?
Suloev: I probably look calm but I'm excited. I'm also happy that I was able to make my family and friends happy.