Gegard Mousasi

Pride Fighting Championships: I'm sure it was an unsatisfying ending. How do you feel?
Mousasi: Yes, it's unfortunate that the fight was stopped. I wanted to show my skill standing but a win is a win, so I'm not going to get hung up on that.
Pride: Takimoto had you in an arm-bar once. Did you think you were in danger at that time?
Mousasi: That was unexpected. Luckily, I worked hard and was able to escape from that.
Pride: So, you were calm at that time?
Mousasi: I went after KOs and submissions several times but unfortunately, my opponent's eye was hurt.
Pride: You were able to take Takimoto's back often. Do you feel that his eye swelling up was the result of your attacks?
Mousasi: It was probably from when I punched him through his arm several times when I was on top.
Pride: Who would you like to fight in the next round?
Mousasi: I will fight anyone who is brought before me. I think I could show my standing skills against Dan Henderson or Phil Baroni. One of us would get knocked out so it would be an entertaining fight for the fans.