Charles Bennett

Pride: How do you feel about today's results?
Bennett: I should have been able to fight better. I should have been able to produce better results but Kawajiri was better.
Pride: What is your impression of Kawajiri?
Bennett: He has a cute face.
Pride: Which part is cute?
Bennett: He has the kind of face that makes you want to punish him.
Pride: You were tackled and taken down to the ground early in the fight. What was your own strategy?
Bennett: I wanted to knock him out standing. There aren't any fighters that will trade with me. There's no one that wants to face the Horse because they will get crushed. Fighters always try to put joint locks and stuff on me. I think that's okay. I'm still 26 and young, so I will work on what I need to work on. I will be back in PRIDE.
Pride: You ran backstage after the fight. What happened?
Bennett: I'm a fighter. I just wanted to show everyone that I wasn't hurt at all.
Pride: Who's name do you have tattooed on you?
Bennett: It's my girlfriend.
Pride: Where did you learn to use chopsticks?
Bennett: Japan. I learned because I love Japan.