Tatsuya Kawajiri

Pride Fighting Championships: That was a dominating victory. How do you feel looking back on the fight?
Kawajiri: I think it's nice to win by submissions sometimes.
Pride: Were you thinking about that before the fight?
Kawajiri: I suddenly decided to stop trading (punches) with him there.
Pride: Was such a quick ending unexpected?
Kawajiri: If you try to finish it quickly, you'll become impatient so I planned on using the full 10 minutes effectively.
Pride: He took your back during the fight.
Kawajiri: Letting people take my back is one of my specialties and I handled it calmly to make him tired.
Pride: Were you calm until the end?
Kawajiri: I was calm from the moment I entered the ring. It was tough before that, though. I felt heavy. I wondered if I could shine here, if I wasn't needed or wanted. I was fighting with myself. Honestly, I wanted a win.
Pride: Was today different than when you entered the ring before?
Kawajiri: It crossed my mind that I might not be able to win in this ring. I was nervous before the fight but I decided to believe in myself when I got in the ring.
Pride: Were you able to get rid of those feelings with today's victory?
Kawajiri: I won, so I feel like myself and I wanted to keep going. I want to fight and know that I am needed.
Pride: Where did you grow the most since last time?
Kawajiri: I've been learning striking at a boxing gym and I think I've improved my jujitsu and will power. I've been doing basic physical training, and I think everything has gone well.
Pride: Ishida was in your corner.
Kawajiri: It's been a jinx in our gym. We've never had 2 or 3 win at the same time. I was thinking about the jinx but since the jinx was broken, I'm happier about that than just my single win.
Pride: What did you think about Gomi being ringside?
Kawajiri: I wasn't aware of it. This was a fight with myself.
Pride: Did Bennett's challenges bother you?
Kawajiri: It didn't bother me in the least. I was calm in the ring. I thought it was obvious but it didn't bother me at all.