Denis Kang

Pride Fighting Championships: Were you surprised that the fight ended so quickly?
Kang: I ended very quickly and I wanted to fight a little more but when my punch connected, I though hew would go down so my feelings are mixed. I came in ready to do everything so my feelings are mixed.
Pride: Did you want to have a standing exchange?
Kang: We both started standing. I was confident in my boxing skills so I wanted to challenge him standing. I knew he was going to come in with a hook. Ninja tried to play it off with a smile but I hit him with a hard right.
Pride: Were you considered about his striking since he is a Chute Boxe fighter?
Kang: Being from Chute Boxe didn't concern me at all. There are fighters at American Top Team that use a lot of different techniques, so I wasn't worried about it. I wasn't worried about their team's name value, either.
Pride: Some reports have said that you are a strong candidate to win the tournament.
Kang: If they think of me as a likely winner, I'm grateful but there are still 3 fights to go so I can't say anything right now. I don't think I've reached that level yet but I will definitely reach that level.
Pride: Is there anyone in particular who you would like to fight?
Kang: Everyone in the tournament is strong but I think Gono or Misaki would be good fights.
Pride: Why do you think those 2 are right for you?
Kang: I'd like to fight them because, Mentally, I think we would be able to stay calm and have good fight.