Marcus Aurelio

Pride: How do you feel about losing this fight after beating the Champion?
Aurelio: No one likes losing. I think these things happen and I think it was a good fight. Ishida is a good fighter and he fought well.
Pride: What would you say is the reason for your loss?
Aurelio: I think the plan I came up with was wrong. I thought I could knock him down in the 1st round but the direction changed mid-way. I became tired in the guard. I think he was better.
Pride: You became the man that people want to fight when you beat Gomi. Did you feel that today?
Aurelio: I thought so. I think Ishida made good use of this chance. I thought he had also been training a lot. I think that sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. I trained to be able to fight anyone and I would like to fight him again. I probably underestimated him a little and I probably didn't concentrate on training enough. I want to put more effort into my training.
Pride: You chose Ishida yourself. Do you believe that was the right choice?
Aurelio: I didn't choose. I heard from my coach that I would fight someone named Ishida. I said okay because I will fight anyone. I'm willing to fight anyone.
Pride: What do you think was the best about Ishida?
Aurelio: Specifically, I think Ishida was also hurt by the initial exchange. I tried to submit him with the guillotine but I used too much power and lost strength. He was able to pound and the fight turned into his game plan.
Pride: Was there any damage from that pounding?
Aurelio: Not really. I want to fight again as soon as possible. There isn't any serious damage.