Mitsuhiro Ishida

Pride Fighting Championships: That was a great fight. How do you feel?
Ishida: I really wanted to have an exciting fight against Aurelio. I was able to show my heart and have an exciting fight so I feel great.
Pride: The choke when you went for the tackle must have been scary. How did you feel?
Ishida: The choke was in a little. I became a little timid but I tucked my chin in and handled it calmly, and so I was fine. I was quickly thinking of how to get out of it.
Pride: It looked like he was often going for triangle chokes.
Ishida: My strategy, or rather my SHOOTO experience, helped me. I'm glad that I've fought in SHOOTO.
Pride: What was your impression after actually fighting Aurelio?
Ishida: He was waiting on me too, so I didn't really feel any pressure.
Pride: Did the fight go as you expected?
Ishida: I never really thought about it. I'm glad that I was able to move according to my instincts during the fight.
Pride: You laid down in the ring after the fight. Were you exhausted?
Ishida: Yes. My corner man told me to go all out, so I tried to fight and pass his guard at the same time but he wouldn't let me pass his guard. I wasn't able to do anything but punch in the last half but I put all of my spirit into those punches.
Pride: By beating Aurelio, you've become a central figure in the Lightweight Division.
Ishida: I was a little out of it after the fight and my head was full when I was cornering Kawajiri, so I don't really want to think about it right now.
Pride: You seconded Kawajiri after your own big fight. You never thought to take a rest?
Ishida: I was talking with Kawajiri since before the weigh-ins and I wanted to help him, so I ran over there to be his second.