Phil Baroni

Pride: You weren't able to advance in this year's Welterweight tournament either. How do you feel?
Baroni: I'm extremely disappointed in myself. There are a lot of people that supported me and I let them down. I'm disgusted with myself. I was probably conceited thinking I could beat Misaki. Misaki was never afraid, even when I hit him with punches, and I think he's a great fighter.
Pride: What was the biggest reason for your conceit?
Baroni: I was overconfident in myself. I was stupid. I still have a lot to learn. There are things that I'm going to have to do because of today. There are scars on my face because of today's fight and I want to thank him for leaving me with these scars. When I start to get conceited, I will look at these scars and think again. It was an honor to be able to fight Misaki. I'm proud of it.
Pride: What is your next goal?
Baroni: That's a good question. Honestly, I planned on going to the Second Round so I'm going to go back to the gym, improve and overcome my weak points. I want to learn how to pressure my opponent and return to RETURN.
Pride: What do you want to improve?
Baroni: I learned from Misaki. Misaki's takedowns were good and I think that was the reason for my loss.
Mark Coleman: He said that he let a lot of people down but I don't think that anyone was disappointed after watching his performance. I'm proud of him. This was a war and although he lost in the end, I think he's a great fighter that has supported me and he never went down where an ordinary fighter would have. I am proud of Phil. I want us all to do our best together.
Baroni: Thank you to all the Japanese fans for supporting me. It's important to me. I was booed when I fought in the UFC but was applauded on the other side of the Earth. I will become stronger and I will be back, so please welcome me then. Misaki, congratulations on your win. He will definitely be a top fighter.