Kazuo Misaki

Pride: Did Gono's win encourage you?
Misaki: I was watching in the changing room and I thought than any other fighter would have given up in the first 2 minutes. I was amazed that he was able to overcome that. It inspired me and I became determined at that moment.
Pride: You seemed extremely calm in your fight.
Misaki: I've been trying to control myself and calmly watch my opponent recently. I think my true appeal is going crazy, so I'm also considered going right down the middle for the finish.
Pride: You flying knees and low kicks looked effective. Was that your aim?
Misaki: His muscle is a suit of armor, so I thought about the muscles that he can use and those that he can't, and I decided to hit him with counters.
Pride: Baroni also lost steam mid-way in to the fight.
Misaki: I wanted to finish him quickly but I decided to break his spirit and turn it into a long fight by doing a lot of little things to aggravate him because I felt he was disrespecting Japanese fighters.
Pride: Is that why you made those post-fight comments?
Misaki: This tournament is being held in Japan and I think that's what the fans want. 3 (Japanese) fighters have gone on to the Second Round and I think that shows the power of the Japanese. Japanese are strong.
Pride: Denis Kang mentioned you name earlier, saying that you and he would probably be a good match.
Misaki: I think he is an all-round great fighter. It would be a difficult and trying battle.
Pride: Is there anyone that you want to fight in the Second Round?
Misaki: I've just returned from a battle so it's difficult to say now. I'll think about it after I go out drinking.