Joey Villasenor

Pride: How did it feel to climb into the PRIDE ring?
Villasenor: It's a truly incredible ring. Chonan wanted to fight on the ground and I wanted to fight standing. I think it was a good fight. I hope to be able to fight for everyone involved in PRIDE.
Pride: I think it was a close decision. How do you feel about it?
Villasenor: This was my first fight in PRIDE, so I tried to do things like foot-stomps but he defended against them. I think I made many great positions and I think that I was the one controlling the game. I don't think he had so many good moments.
Pride: It seems you had problems at the weigh-in the day before. How do you feel?
Villasenor: I've gained back a little weight now. There was no effect from that. I think Chonan was more tired. I felt it didn't really matter.
Pride: Were you confused by PRIDE rules?
Villasenor: I was confused but I think overall, the quality was good. I don't believe Chonan is satisfied with this fight. I'd like to have a rematch, if possible.
Pride: This was your first loss.
Villasenor: This is my first loss in nearly 5 years but I think I gave my best fight. I did my best. It went to decision but I don't regret it because there are probably many people that think I won.