Ryo Chonan

Pride Fighting Championships: It was a close decision. How do you honestly feel now? Did you think you were going to lose?
Chonan: I felt relieved. I didn't have any room to spare. I had lost twice already and I was nervous. I couldn't sleep before the fight. I was mentally strained. I can think about a lot of things now but my stamina was gone in the end, my body was getting tight and I couldn't move.
Pride: Were you able to get rid of that trauma when you were training with Dan (Henderson)?
Chonan: It was the last kick. That was the only thing that hurt. That hurt. Training and the fight are difference. This time, each punch was scary. I wasn't able to stomp and I was more nervous that I needed to be but I had no intentions of going down in this fight.
Pride: What were you and Dan talking about during your entrance?
Chonan: Specific things like the strength of my hooks and to get the top-position on the ground.
Pride: Did your trauma disappear with today's victory?
Chonan: In terms of content, the fight wasn't good. I want to think about it after I calm down. I think I took one step forward. I think I was able to overcome one big test in my life but there are still more tests left.
Pride: Did you see any results from training with Dan?
Chonan: I don't know yet. I want to work on being able to use all of the techniques that I've practiced.
Pride: What is your goal for the next round?
Chonan: I'm in pain so for the first time ever, I'm going to go to the hospital after the fight. I want to be in top shape for the next fight.