Murilo Bustamante

Pride Fighting Championships: What do you feel is the reason for your loss?
Murilo Bustamante: I think I couldn't win today because my strategy wasn't good, but I don't think his strategy was good for the fans. I ended up chasing him. I got caught up in that. I don't think the strategy he came up with was very exciting, though. I think I was the one that put on a better performance.
Pride: You took a right hook and landed on your butt.
Bustamante: I did take a punch during the fight. It was during the 2nd round. I got hit when I was trying to think about how I should push the fight. I was able to stand up quickly though and I was able to hit him with good punches, so personally, I think the last half was good. I think it was that punch that changed the flow of the fight.
Pride: You'll be 40 years old next month. What now?
Bustamante: I want to do some special training with the Nogueira brothers after I return to Brazil. Paulo Filho will be fighting (in the Grand Prix), so I want to focus on his training. I also want to work on my own training. Even if I'm 40, I'm confident that I can give good fights. I've never fought fights that I thought were boring and he was running away, so next time I would like to fight someone that wants to excite the fans.