Hidehiko Yoshida & Yosuke Nishijima

Pride Fighting Championships: How do you feel about winning your Opening Round match?
Yoshida: I wanted to strike a little more but once we actually began fighting, I realized how fast his jab is. I would like to win the rest of my fights through the Final Round by striking.
Pride: Were Nishijima's punches scary?
Yoshida: I had an image in my mind that if he hit me with one punch, it would all be over. His punches were quick but since I didn't take them in the face, I don't know how strong he really is. I was too focused on the image of him as a pro-boxer.
Pride: You make it sound easy.
Yoshida: Not at all. I knew that this fight would probably work out well if I took it to the ground but striking will be necessary in the 2nd Round. I want to be able to amaze the fans more.
Pride: Did Kosaka's fight inspire you?
Yoshida: Yes, it did. I've trained with him before and I could feel his spirit. He was on fire.
Pride: Did you meet Kosaka after his fight?
Yoshida: Of course. It was emotional. I can't put it into words. I learned everything about MMA from Kosaka. He was able to show his aggressiveness in his final match and he was excited. I want to be able to fight like that.
Pride: Is there anyone that you want to fight in the 2nd Round?
Yoshida: It will be tough no matter who I fight, so I won't choose. It will be a good fight, no matter who my opponent is.
Pride: Will you keep wearing your judo gi?
Yoshida: I will think about it after my opponent for the 2nd Round is confirmed. It depends on the opponent.

Pride: You seemed to be crying after the fight. What did you regret the most?
Nishijima: That I couldn't do anything.
Pride: What was the reason for that?
Nishijima: I'm not used to MMA. I need more practice.
Pride: After standing face-to-face with him, what was your impression of Yoshida?
Nishijima: I completely lost to him. I can't say anything.
Pride: Do you want revenge?
Nishijima: If I had the change, I would like to fight him again. Even if not, I would like to fight Yoshida.
Pride: You were careful in the beginning.
Nishijima: I was concerned about tackles, so I couldn't punch.
Pride: Was there anything about Yoshida that you didn't expect?
Nishijima: I was too worried about the tackle to do anything this time. It was a complete loss.
Pride: How will you recover from this complete loss?
Nishijima: By mastering grappling.
Pride: How did you hope for the fight to unfold?
Nishijima: I imagined myself standing up, knocking him out with punches, so it's unfortunate.
Pride: Which do you regret more, this fight or the fight with Hunt?
Nishijima: Both are the same.
Pride: Do you think MMA is interesting?
Nishijima: I will win the next fight.
Pride: How do you plan on making your comeback?
Nishijima: I will practice grappling more and I want to fight again once I'm able to compete with other fighters.
Pride: Would you like to train overseas?
Nishijima: I will train at Takada Dojo.
Pride: What were your two strategies for Yoshida?
Nishijima: I was going to counter punch when he came in, and throw body blows.
Pride: What do you think is the main reason you were taken to the ground?
Nishijima: I didn't punch enough. I needed to apply more pressure.
Pride: Was that your first time to be put in triangle choke that way?
Nishijima: I learned many things from Yoon Dong Sik but I wasn't able to escape this time.
Pride: Who do you think will win?
Nishijima: I don't know who's left, so...
Pride: How do you feel now?
Nishijima: Disappointed.