Fabricio Werdum

Pride Fighting Championships: What did you think of your fight?
Fabricio Werdum: I happy about the results. I expected a difficult match. I knew he is a complete fighter and it was a tough fight. It took some time to get warmed up but there weren't any problems after that. I'm very happy that I will advance to the 2nd Round.
Pride: Why did it take so long to get warmed up?
Werdum: There wasn't anything wrong in particular. I think it's just my personality. My coach says that I'm like an old car, so I think it's just my personality.
Pride: It was an excellent submission. How did you feel when you got his arm?
Werdum: I knew that I could win by submission at that moment. By going after KOs and submissions, you can give the fans an incredible fight. I was able to make the fans happy, so I think it was a good thing.
Pride: You were taken down several times. Were do worried about Alistair on the ground?
Werdum: Not at all. My background is on the ground so I wasn't worried. He's good standing, especially his knees, so that where I thought I need to be careful.
Pride: How is Alistair's striking compared to Mirko's?
Werdum: Alistair is a great striker. I think he is one of the best but Mirko is incredible. I believe that Mirko is the best striker.
Pride: Your chances of a fight with Mirko have now increased.
Werdum: I know it's possible but if it's going to happen, I want to fight him in the Final Round. We're both professionals so if we have to fight, we will fight with everything we have.