Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira & Zuluzinho Zuluzinho

Pride Fighting Championships: The fight went perfectly. Was that was you had planned?
Nogueira: I expected him to come out swinging but I'm glad I was able to take the fight to the ground quickly. I wasn't injured at all, so I can advance to the 2nd Round in perfect competition.
Pride: How was the 70kg weight difference?
Nogueira: It was an advantage for me. I was able to use my speed and combinations like I wanted to.
Pride: Zulu apparently has jujitsu experience. What did you think of his ground technique?
Nogueira: I was controlling the action so I didn't see his technique. If our positions had been reversed, I may have been able to see his technique, though. Recently, many fighters are training more-or-less in jujitsu but I think it's a problem of their level.
Pride: Was your 6kg weight gain intentional? How do you feel now that you've gained weight?
Nogueira: I've been training hard in order to gain weight. I was 102kg at the last Grand Prix but since this is Open Weight, I increased my weight to 109kg. I haven't lost any speed, so I think I will be able to keep fighting well.
Pride: Would you like to fight Fedor in the 2nd Round?
Nogueira: I will fight any of the fighters. All of the remaining 8 fighters are strong, so I think the fighter that prepares himself the best will win. Josh. Fedor. Werdum. I will fight anyone.
Pride: What will you work on from now in order to win the Championship?
Nogueira: I will train as usual this year. I will put more emphasis on wrestling in order to increase my speed and stamina.

Pride: What do you think of your fight?
Zuluzhino: It was unfortunate that I was submitted. Next time I would like to give a better fight and I would like to get revenge.
Pride: What was your impression of Nogueira's grappling?
Zuluzhino: Of course I think that Nogueira is an incredible fighter. As a jujitsu player, he's also incredible. I wasn't careful enough in this fight but I will be next time.
Pride: The fight was confirmed recently. Did you have enough time to prepare?
Zuluzhino: I was training to fight a striker this time, so I had to rework my strategy. I think it would have been a better fight if I had more time.
Pride: Where were you not careful enough?
Zuluzhino: I wasn't careful enough to have a strategy prepared for Nogueira, and that showed in the fight.
Pride: Who do you believe will win this Grand Prix?
Zuluzhino: I think Mark Hunt may have a chance from what I saw today. Also my countryman, Nogueira.