Kazuyuki Fujita

Pride Fighting Championships: That was a magnificent fight. Are you okay?
Kazuyuki Fujita: Yes, I'm fine. I researched my opponent well. In the end, it was a battle of will power, not strategy and strength. I respect him.
Pride: Were you confused my Thompson's feints when he was moving forward?
Fujita: Yes. I could tell that he wanted to win, too.
Pride: How did it feel to fight in PRIDE again after so long?
Fujita: I realize that I will have to keep fighting intense battles.
Pride: You took some hits. Did they hurt you?
Fujita: Yes, I could feel it. He put a lot of feeling into each of his punches, so I took what his punches, put feeling into my own and gave them right back.
Pride: Do you remember the fight?
Fujita: I remember.
Pride: What will you work on from now?
Fujita: I felt that the level of PRIDE has risen, so I need to improve myself.
Pride: Why weren't you in the ending ceremony?
Fujita: I was there. (laughing)
Pride: Who do you want to fight in the 2nd Round?
Fujita: Anyone would be fine. All of them are great fighters that are worth fighting.
Pride: Are you confident that you will win the Grand Prix?
Fujita: Yes, I am. I will give a great fight.
Pride: Fedor apparently wants to fight Mirko.
Fujita: I'm ready.
Pride: Will you continue training at Marco Ruas' gym?
Fujita: I trust Marco Ruas the most and I will continue training at his place.