Daijyu Takase

Pride Fighting Championships: You're 26?
Daijyu Takase: 27.
Pride: Man, I haven't gotten one right today. Are you in Yoshida Dojo?
Takase: No, I'm freelance.
Pride: You've been in MMA since 1998, right?
Takase: Since PRIDE 3.
Pride: You were also in UFC and Pancrase.
Takase: That was after PRIDE.
Pride: Who do you train with now?
Takase: Yoshida, Nakamura, Chonan and TK. Kojiro, the K-1 MAX fighter. Ryuta Noji, the K-1 fighter.
Pride: You were tired and injured the last time we saw you. Are you 100% now?
Takase: I had a lot of time so I feel better, but I'm not 100%.
Pride: You won your last two fights, against Carlos Newton and Chris Brennan. They say that you are one of the best wrestlers in the gym, but it doesn't come out when you're in the ring. Some people think it's no exciting for the fans. How do you feel about that?
Takase: In the dojo, it's sparring with no defense. Both guys are attacking each other at the same time. In a fight, one guy attacks and the other guy defends. It's different and, of course, deadlocks happen.
Pride: Well, the last two fights were decisions. Do you think you need to be more aggressive in your style, like Mr. Sakakibara said?
Takase: You read that?
Pride: Yes, on the internet. I know that you are a good fighter but the BUSHIDO style is supposed to aggressive. Will you be more aggressive in this fight or will it be more like ??Ehis is how I fight, take it or leave it'?
Takase: Of course, I want to be aggressive.
Pride: You're considered one of the best grapplers in Japan but it's BUSHIDO, not the gym. Like, in your match against Carlos Newton, we were saying that you are both so good, and respect each other almost too much, instead of being more aggressive to finish.
Takase: Yes, I know.
Pride: So, we'll see a new Takase this time?
Takase: I think so. That's what I'm planning on.
Pride: Don't think that I'm bashing you. I just think that you can be an even bigger star.
Takase: It's okay. I don't mind. Actually, I want to say that I'm grateful for everyone that has given me their honest opinions. My friends in the US told me that I have many fans in the US. I'm grateful to the media and those fans.
Pride: Do you know anything about your opponent, Acacio?
Takase: I don't have much info about him. Wanderlei said that Daniel is #1 in Brazil in 83kg. Really? Is he stronger than Anderson? Oh, my god! It's an honor for me to fight against that kind of fighter. I'm the challenger.
Pride: What did you think about your last two fights? Are you satisfied with them?
Takase: I'm not satisfied with the Carlos fight. I want to have a rematch. Regarding Brennan, I understand. I really wanted to win by submission but he was too flexible.