Amar Suloev

Pride Fighting Championships: You're 28 now?
Amar Suloev: No, 29.
Pride: What's your weight for this fight?
Suloev: 93kg.
Pride: You've won two 4-man tournaments and two 8-man tournaments, correct?
Suloev: I've been in so many, I don't remember.
Pride: How did you feel about your last fight against Dean Lister? You won but it was a split decision.
Suloev: Dean Lister was 93kg and I was 84 kg. It was really difficult.
Pride: What has your training been like for this tournament?
Suloev: Just training as usual.
Pride: Do you feel your prior experience with tournaments will give you an edge over the other fighters?
Suloev: Of course, my experience gives me confidence against my opponents. Actually, all of my fights give me the confidence to win this tournament.
Pride: Do you feel more comfortable at this weight or at the lighter weight you were against Lister?
Suloev: 84 kg is better. Is there going to be a lightweight tournament?
Pride: We heard there is going to be one this fall. What are your hobbies?
Suloev: I have a one-year old son. My hobby is playing with him.
Pride: You're from Armenia. Are you well known there?
Suloev: I was born in Armenia but I'm not Armenian. I live in St. Petersburg, Russia.
Pride: Do you represent Armenia or Russia when you fight?
Suloev: Russia. I was just born there.
Pride: Have you worked on your ground game at all or mainly just standup?
Suloev: I want to win by a knock out.
Pride: But you are comfortable on the ground too, right?
Suloev: I'm confident if the fight goes to the ground.