Ryuta Sakurai

Pride Fighting Championships: How old are you?
R yuta Sakurai 33.
Pride: How tall are you?
Sakurai: 178cm.
Pride: How much will you weigh for the fight?
Sakurai: 83kg.
Pride: Which gym are you with?
Sakurai: R-Gym.
Pride: The last time we saw you, you were fighting Okami in BUSHIDO. What did you learn from that fight?
Sakurai: The judges decided that Okami was the winner but I don't feel like I lost.
Pride: What have you been doing to prepare for this fight? You've got a bodybuilder's physique but you're still quick.
Sakurai: Sparring as always, and weight-training.
Pride: Some people say that too much weight training slows you down. Do you think weight training helps you in MMA?
Sakurai: I do more circuit training that weight training.
Pride: Ok, so it's more just about staying in shape, rather than bulking up.
Sakurai: Yes, that's right.
Pride: Are you still the DEEP Middleweight Champion?
Sakurai: Yes.
Pride: And you beat Ryuki Ueyama for that, right?
Sakurai: Yes.
Pride: What do you know about your opponent this time?
Sakurai: He used to be UFC Champion.
Pride: Bustamante is known for submissions. Do you feel more comfortable standing or on the ground?
Sakurai: I prefer standing.
Pride: That will be your strategy tomorrow, avoiding the ground?
Sakurai: That way is easier for me.
Pride: When did you find out about this fight?
Sakurai: About a month ago.
Pride: You said that you spar a lot. Do you work on your ground game a lot? How do you feel about your submission skills?
Sakurai: I don't have any feelings about it.
Pride: Bustamante said that you have a good kimura. Do you think you will be comfortable with someone like Bustamante on the ground?
Sakurai: I'll go with the flow of the fight. I'm not scared of being on the ground with him.
Pride: What are your hobbies?
Sakurai: Watching movies.
Pride: What kind of movies?
Sakurai: Romantic ones.
Pride: Have you ever been to the United States?
Sakurai: Yes, to Florida.
Pride: For training or a vacation?
Sakurai: Training.
Pride: With who?
Sakurai: Malenko.
Pride: Have you talked to him lately?
Sakurai: No, that was about 10 years ago.
Pride: You said that you don't feel you lost the last fight, despite the judges' decision. Does that give you more motivation to keep this from going to the decision?
Sakurai: Yes, I don't want to go the distance.