Takahiro Oba

Pride Fighting Championships: You're 28 years old?
Takahiro Oba: Yes.
Pride: What's your height and weight?
Oba: 177cm and 93kg.
Pride: You're a freelance fighter or with a team?
Oba: Free.
Pride: And your MMA record is 2-1?
Oba: All together, I've got 12 fights with 7 wins, 4 losses and 1 draw.
Pride: Is it true that you beat a US Marine on an Okinawan Base in King of Fights?
Oba: Yes.
Pride: Was it just a small show or a tournament?
Oba: It was in a small bar with a ring.
Pride: Was it Marines versus Japan?
Oba: There were female kickboxing matches and fights with Marines and Japanese. I was in the main event against a Marine, for the belt.
Pride: What is your background?
Oba: I don't have any martial arts background.
Pride: So, you started in MMA?
Oba: No, pro-wrestling in Battle Arts.
Pride: When you wrestled there, was it pro-wrestling or shoot fights?
Oba: Shoot fights.
Pride: You've won your last 2 fights in DEEP and Club DEEP.
Oba: Actually 3 fights. Yano in January. Imamura in July. Shinohara in December.
Pride: You're debut MMA fight was in Australia?
Oba: No, it was in Battle Arts.
Pride: But you went to Australia and fought the Twin Tiger, right?
Oba: Yes. I lost by decision.
Pride: What do you think about your opponent tomorrow?
Oba: I don't have any information about him. I haven't received any videos.
Pride: Where do you feel stronger, standing or on the ground?
Oba: Ground.
Pride: Well, Kang is very good on the ground. You said that you are a lot stronger than people think you are. Do you feel that you don't get respect in the media?
Oba: Did I say that?
Pride: I read it somewhere on the internet.
Oba: I probably meant that even though I haven't fought in a long time, I'm confident that I can win.
Pride: How would you like to win tomorrow?
Oba: I want to win by KO or by submission. If I lose, I want it to be by KO or submission. I want it to be clear because this will be the opening match.
Pride: Did you play sports in school?
Oba: Rugby.
Pride: Do you still play?
Oba: No.
Pride: Do you do anything else other than fighting?
Oba: I played in High School and college. It wasn't serious, though, just in a club. I started MMA after I turned 24.