Daisuke Nakamura

Pride Fighting Championships: How old are you?
Daisuke Nakamura: 24.
Pride: Height?
Nakamura: 176 cm.
Pride: And your weight?
Nakamura: 73 kg.
Pride: You're in U-FILE with Kiyoshi Tamura, right?
Nakamura: Yes.
Pride: What is your fighting background?
Nakamura: I don't have a background. I started in MMA.
Pride: When did you start?
Nakamura: 5 years ago.
Pride: Any other sports?
Nakamura: I played baseball in high school?
Pride: Why did you decide to do MMA?
Nakamura: I loved to watch it when I was a kid.
Pride: What is your strength as a fighter?
Nakamura: Punching.
Pride: You were in PRIDE The Best Vol. 2 against Shannon Ritch. Why did it take you this long to come to PRIDE?
Nakamura: My fight against Shannon Ritch was my first professional fight. I didn't have any experience. I wanted more experience so I fought in smaller events.
Pride: What do you know about Aurelio?
Nakamura: I haven't seen his videos.
Pride: You didn't see his fight with Mishima?
Nakamura: Yeah, I saw that one.
Pride: What do you think about him?
Nakamura: His strikes look strong and, of course, his jiu-jitsu is good. Overall, a strong fighter.
Pride: This is the first time for you in the big show. You know that you have to put on a show here to entertain the fans, right?
Nakamura: Of course, I understand that. I want my fights to be able to entertain people, even if they don't know anything about MMA.
Pride: Married? Kids?
Nakamura: No.
Pride: Have any hobbies?
Nakamura: Baseball.