Ricardo Morais

Pride Fighting Championships: What's your height?
Ricardo Morais: Maybe 6'8".
Pride: What's your weight?
Morais: 121 kg. I'm training hard.
Pride: Your MMA record is 9-3-1. Is that correct?
Morais: That's about right.
Pride: Why has it been so long since you've been in PRIDE?
Morais: I wasn't training well but I wanted to fight.
Pride: Why fight now?
Morais: I don't have a team but now I do. The Minotauro Team.
Pride: There must not be many people in Brazil to spar with you.
Morais: Nobody likes to train with me. They all say I'm too big. I went to all of the teams but nobody wants to train with me.
Pride: Where do you think you've improved the most?
Morais: Punching, kicking and knees. It's very good.
Pride: How long have you been with the Minotauro Team?
Morais: Six months.
Pride: When did they split from the BTT? Was that six months ago?
Morais: No. Minotauro wanted to start his own team.
Pride: But, he's still with BTT, right?
Morais: Yes. He has his own team but he's still with BTT.
Pride: Do you think your fight with Emelianenko will stay standing up or do you want to take him to the ground?
Morais: Man, I'm like a kamikaze. (laughing) I'm going to fight and bomb him. It's okay.
Pride: You want to win by knock out or submission?
Morais: I hope so but you can't predict the fight. It may be quick or we may be standing the whole time.
Pride: Alexander has dropped weight and is lighter, like you. Do you think your cardio is good?
Morais: I run 4 kilometers in 20 minutes.
Pride: You started doing that now?
Morais: No, man. I always did.
Pride: What else do you like to do, like hobbies?
Morais: Horses.
Pride: Do you have horses?
Morais: Yeah, I have big horses.
Pride: You need big horses! (laughing) Boy or girl?
Morais: Boy.
Pride: Do you know what kind of horse?
Morais: Man, it's a Brazilian horse. (laughing)
Pride: Are you mentally focused for tomorrow?
Morais: Mentally and heart. Having a good mind is important but if you don't have heart, it doesn't matter.
Pride: Stamina and heart are the most important. You've got lots of charisma.