Luis Firminho

Pride Fighting Championships: You're 23?
Luis Firmino: Yes, 23.
Pride: Weight?
Firmino: 73 kg.
Pride: You started training jiu-jitsu when you were 15?
Firmino: Yes, that's right.
Pride: You have only one loss, right?
Firmino: Yes.
Pride: You've won two in a row in PRIDE. This will be the first time in years with a Brazilian vs. Brazilian fight in PRIDE. How do you feel about fighting your fellow countryman?
Firmino: I'm a professional. This is my job. I've fought Brazilian guys before and it doesn't matter.
Pride: People say that Takanori Gomi is the top guy in BUSHIDO. Is fighting him your goal?
Firmino: I've wanted to fight him for a long time.
Pride: What have you been working on in your training?
Firmino: I do everything, jiu-jitsu, muay thai and wrestling.
Pride: How confident are you with your standup?
Firmino: I train a lot of muay thai but I prefer the ground.
Pride: Has anything new happened to you since the last time we saw you?
Firmino: The only news is that I want to be the ??E3kg Champion.
Pride: Are you getting frustrated that you haven't been able to fight Gomi yet?
Firmino: I want to fight Gomi but first, I want the belt.
Pride: Do you know anything about Azeredo?
Firmino: Of course.
Pride: What do you think will give you trouble?
Firmino: I've watched his tapes. He's a good fighter but nothing amazing.
Pride: Wanderlei said that Azeredo should fight Gomi. Maybe your fight will decide who can challenge him. How do you prepare yourself before the fights?
Firmino: I just take whatever I train in to the fight. I only train in a few positions. Like, if I train 10 positions, I only use 10 positions. I won't use anything in the fight that I haven't worked on.