Paulo Filho

Pride Fighting Championships: Still 26 years old?
Paulo Filho: Yes.
Pride: Height and weight?
Filho: 172 cm. 93 kg.
Pride: 8 wins and no losses in MMA.
Filho: No losses.
Pride: Former National Judo Champion and started training in judo at what age?
Filho: 5 years old.
Pride: You finished 3rd in the Judo Youth World Championships?
Filho: Yes.
Pride: And you won 3 BJJ world titles.
Filho: Yes, 3 times.
Pride: And 5 times Brazilian Champion with black belts in judo and jiu-jitsu.
Filho: Yeah.
Pride: How are you training yourself for this big opportunity?
Filho: It is a big opportunity. I'm in good shape.
Pride: What do you know about Suloev?
Filho: Suloev should be careful not to go to the ground. (laughing)
Pride: Have you been working on your striking, too?
Filho: Who knows? (laughing) My hands are good. Not Mike Tyson but close.
Pride: You look like you're ready to fight now.
Filho: I am ready to fight now.
Pride: Are you a very intense person all the time or is it just when the fight comes?
Filho: I'm intense and I don't like what some people said about my last fight in PRIDE. I was in an accident and my hand and foot was injured. It wasn't a good fight. Now, I'm very focused. It will be a good show. Last time, I fought but it was boring. The PRIDE people came and were saying negative things to me but I was injured. So, you want a show, I'll give you a show.
Pride: Are you impressed with Suloev's striking power?
Filho: No.
Pride: Obviously, if you win, you will have to fight two times tomorrow so you want to finish it quickly. There's always a danger of being too aggressive. What's your game plan?
Filho: I'm just thinking about Suloev now. After that, I'll worry about the other guy.
Pride: Any new hobbies? We know you have dogs.
Filho: Girlfriends.
Pride: Shoji is fighting Lister. Shoji said that he wants to have a rematch with you since you are the only man to submit him. Do you care who wins that fight?
Filho: It would be a pleasure to fight Shoji again.