Fedor Emelianenko

Pride Fighting Championships: Still 28 years old?
Fedor Emelianenko: Yes.
Pride: What's your weight for this fight?
Emelianenko: 105 or 106kg.
Pride: How important is this fight to you personally, since TK is the only guy to beat you? Did you ask to fight him?
Emelianenko: It is a little bit of revenge but I want to fight him as a serious opponent. The promoter wanted it and I wanted it, too.
Pride: What happened in the fight four years ago that caused the cut when you fought him in RINGS?
Emelianenko: I was punching him and then he hit me in the head with his elbow, an accident, I guess.
Pride: TK said that he is 100% sure he can beat you on the ground.
Emelianenko: (smiling) ...I don't know what to say.
Pride: It's year later and you're now the Heavyweight Champion. There's talk of Mirko later this year but you cannot look past TK. What challenge do you think TK brings? Is there anything specific you need to watch out for?
Emelianenko: I'm worried about "accidents". I hope there won't be anything like four years ago.
Pride: Is there more motivation because it is Kosaka, or is this just another fight?
Emelianenko: I'm always serious about my fights, regardless of who the opponent is.
Pride: Did you take a break after fighting Nogueira or have you been continuously training?
Emelianenko: I took a small break after fighting Nogueira but I continued training to maintain my conditioning.
Pride: And you came out of the fight 100%, with no injuries? Are you healthy for this fight?
Emelianenko: (laughing) My condition is not as good as it was in my fight with Nogueira.