Marcus Aurelio

Pride Fighting Championships: You're 30 now?
Marcus Aurelio: 31.
Pride: You were 2-time Pan American BJJ Champion?
Aurelio: Yeah.
Pride: 5-time Brazilian State Jiu-Jitsu Champion?
Aurelio: Yeah.
Pride: And you placed 3rd in the World Championships?
Aurelio: Yes, in 1997.
Pride: Are you still the ZST Lightweight Grand Prix Champion?
Aurelio: Yes.
Pride: Hook-N-Shoot Lightweight Champion, AFC Lightweight Champion and Ring of Fury Lightweight Champion?
Aurelio: Yeah.
Pride: Lots of belts. How do you feel about being back in PRIDE? What's your mindset?
Aurelio: I feel so happy. I feel great. I'm going to be 100%. Last time, I had some problems with the weight. The last time they said 73kg. I dropped the weight to 73kg and when we came here, they said 70kg. At 3 o'clock in the morning, I was out running the day before (the fight).
Pride: How did you feel after that fight? Were you happy with how you did against Mishima, considering what you had to go through?
Aurelio: No, I know I can do much better than I did if I'm 100%. He's tough but if I'm 100%, I can beat him. I'd like a rematch.
Pride: What about Daisuke Nakamura? Do you know anything about him?
Aurelio: He's tough. I saw some tapes. He's a tough guy. He strikes a little bit. He does ground. I hope he's not too tough but he looks like he's tough.
Pride: Where do you feel most comfortable? Obviously, you're a BJJ whiz but are you getting more comfortable with your standup?
Aurelio: Yeah, I went to Holland for almost 2 months, from last November.
Pride: You worked on your muay thai there?
Aurelio: Yeah, now I feel a little bit more comfortable.
Pride: Your bread-and-butter is still jiu-jitsu, though.
Aurelio: Yeah, I'm a grappling guy. Now I feel more comfortable to strike, though.
Pride: Have you been able to relax during your holidays?
Aurelio: I've been kite surfing.
Pride: Is there anyone else in PRIDE, besides Mishima, that you'd like to fight?
Aurelio: I'm just happy to be a fighter. I'll fight whoever they want. It's my job and I have to fight. I don't care. If Liborio says to fight, I'll fight.
Pride: How long have you been training in MMA?
Aurelio: Three years.